2 Great Ways to Grow


For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

As you make the decision to reach out to the neighbors around you, you may realize that reaching into the lives of other people can be as complicated as it is rewarding. Our Bridge Outreach Team has developed training and teaching tools that will both encourage and grow your skills as you serve the people around you.

1. Share Hope

As we build relationships with the people that live in our natural circle of influence, we encourage you to practice the “Prayer Care Share” approach to relationships. As you deepen your connection with people and pray regularly for them, we believe that God will open the door for the gospel to be shared. Our Share Hope classes are designed to empower and equip you in building spiritually vibrant relationships that lead others toward a walk with Christ.
Our Share Hope Academy classes are designed to walk you through three important steps of sharing the gospel. These trainings happen at intervals throughout the year.
Use the MORE INFO button and we will notify you when the next class will be held.
SH Part 1 - Discover the Gospel
Focuses on how to share the Good News or Gospel message to someone that wants to know about Jesus. (Time Commitment 1 hour over 4 weeks)
SH Part 2 - Relationships with a Purpose
Focuses ways to transform everyday relationships into friendships that draw people to grow Christ. (Time Commitment 1 hour over 4 weeks)
SH Part 3 - Discovering Your God Story
Focuses of writing your God Story (testimony) and learning how to share it effectively. (Time Commitment 1 hour over 4 weeks)

2. Prayer - Care - Share

Bridging the Gap Between Our Community and Christ

We believe that our opportunity to live for Christ extends well beyond our church doors. Each one of us lives among a community of people, in many ways they are our neighbors. These neighbors include people that live around us, our friends, coworkers, even extended family. God has called each of us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We want to help our Bridge family carry out God’s call by sharing helpful ideas and tools to reach out to the people around us. Please read through the Prayer Care Share description below. We would love to speak with you about what this means and how we can be a support.
Begin praying that God would give you an open door to begin building relationships with the neighbors, friends, or coworkers that God has placed right in your midst.
Look for opportunities to care for the people God has placed around you. These opportunities can be as simple as stopping to speak to a neighbor or filling a simple need like a meal for new parents.
As we build relationships with our community we should continue to pray that God would give us an open door to share the lifesaving message of the Gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ.

How do I get started?

Try some of these ideas:
Consider a regular walk through your neighborhood with a goal of making connections.
Pick up a Bridge welcome bucket for a new family that has moved into your neighborhood/area.
Consider a Halloween fun station where families can get hot chocolate and a snack.
Consider hosting a neighborhood block party.
Find the elderly and help with spring or fall cleanups.
Have a snow shoveling plan for single moms or shut-ins.
Take a meal to a family with a new infant.
Invite neighbors to Bridge community-wide events like Harvest Party/Splash Day.

Questions about growth opportunities?

We love to provide more information regarding all of these opportunities.
Please reach out for more information.