Our Story

How it all started...

Bridge Christian Church is an independent and nondenominational fellowship of believers which is striving to pattern itself after the ancient New Testament church in teaching, outreach and administration.  The world has dramatically changed since the first-century Christians met together.  We're trying to make those early principles and practices timely for today . . . believing that the early model can, and does, provide the best foundation for the growth of the Lord's church in our time.
Our area has many different kinds of churches.  Each congregation strives to have a strong moral impact in its community while sharing the message of Christ's love.  Our lives have all been blessed by the influence for good these churches have had in the valley over the years.
Christian churches are diverse in their teaching, methodology and traditions.  Each congregation draws to it those who have been attracted by its particular message or programs.  Our congregation doesn't presume to be superior to others or better qualified to serve our community.  We don't claim to be the only Christians; we simply proclaim we are "Christians only."  We want to rediscover, as best we can, the fundamentals that caused the early church to grow and impact the world of its time.  Our purpose is to make the teachings of Jesus meaningful to men and women in our fast-paced, confused society.  We believe we have something unique to share with those who long for a return to the clear, simple teachings of the New Testament.
Bridge Christian Church is a young congregation, just established in December of 1995.  God is blessing our growth and ministry.  We're trying to build on the sure foundation of the Word of God.  Our prayer is that He will fashion our growth to best meet the needs of this community.

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