What is GREATER?

We are embarking on a new generosity campaign because we are convinced Jesus has
GREATER things in store for Bridge Christian Church. There are thousands and thousands of
children, teens, folks with special needs, and adults in our own area and around the world
who need something, or I should say Someone, GREATER - they need Jesus.

God is calling us to GREATER things. Let's get ready to see Him work.


What can I do?


We will ask you to pray about making a financial commitment above your regular giving. Consider giving:


Write the largest check you've ever written to the church on commitment days.


Weekly or monthly for 25 months.


Think of non-cash gifts: real estate, boats, cars, stocks, bonds, etc.


Do you have a heart to pray for Bridge as we enter our Greater Building Campaign? If the answer is yes, you're invited to join us for any Tuesday Night Prayer at 6:30pm in the auditorium now through October 31.

What will it cost?


Our God-given vision is to double our attendance in the next five years with
unchurched people, and we need the new facility in order to accommodate this
vision along with our current growth trajectory.

In working to establish a 3rd Place culture at Bridge, our desire is to make every
facility, both the new and current, a gathering place that is a convergence of
church and community seven days a week.

Our new auditorium will more than double the size of our current auditorium,
giving us a better worship experience.

As is our practice, we will be tithing from the money raised by the GREATER
campaign to missions because we are never satisfied with just growing our church
here but also strive to grow the Kingdom of God around the world. With this tithe,
we will be growing the kingdom on two continents, Asia and Europe.