Upcoming EVENTS

"We Love You, Moms"

Sunday, June 9th from 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Being a MOM is one of the biggest joys in life, but it is also the hardest job any woman will ever have. Come join us for a delicious lunch with other mothers and grandmothers for an intentional time to connect with other ladies at your table. Then be inspired by some of our Moms as they share their stories and encouragement. Also, get some of your "mom" questions answered - something we all need from time to time whether you are the mother of toddlers or teenagers!

Women's Getaway Trips for 2024

Women's Event Team

Join our women’s event team to help plan, prep, and clean up women’s events. This includes events like: Ornament Exchange, Coffee and Friends, Campfire Conversations, Crafting Events, and more! Join a team of women that will help prepare and plan, decorate, cook, set up, clean up, etc. We would love to have more helping hands!

Current Open Groups

Women's Accountability Groups 2024

Looking for a new opportunity in 2024 to deepen your relationship with God and His Word? Join an accountability group of ladies for the next 4 months to a year and be accountable and encouraged to spend time with God daily through prayer and reading the Bible. Some groups will text back and forth throughout the week about what you are learning and what prayer needs you may have. Some groups will get together monthly or every few months to discuss what they are learning. Every group is unique and different, which means there is one for every kind of lady interested!

Come to the Table Groups

"Come to the Table" a group where we join together for food and conversation across the generations 1 table, 2 hours, 4 questions, 6 women, CHANGED LIVES! These groups meet once a month for a meal and discussion time, ending in prayer time for one another. It's a great way to build community, have cross mentoring, love others while being loved, have a place to be heard, and have people who will pray WITH you and FOR you!

"Simply Together" - Ladies Lunch for 60 years and over

"Simply Together" is offered once a month, and it is designed to be stress-free and connection-filled. Do you leave church to an empty house or empty lunch table? Are you seeking new friends and good fellowship with ladies in your stage of life? Or maybe you just love connecting with women in as many ways as possible! Join us for a simple get-together to "meet, greet, pray, eat" and have fellowship with old and new friends. This event is for women 60 years and older led by Cindy Higginbotham, Meredith Showalter, and Lynn Stiteler. It is typically held at the church after the last service, and each lady bring their own lunch.

"20 Something's Group" - Ladies in their 20's

Join a group of ladies in their 20's for events, studies, and casual get-togethers. The goal of this ministry is to encourage ladies in this season of life - whether you are single, dating, married, or already a mom. Come hang out with others your age, grow from each other, and make new friendships.