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About Children's Ministry

Julie Robinson - Children's Minister

The mission of Chirdren's Ministry at Bridge is to partner with parents to provide children with the tools they need for faith in Jesus Christ; guiding and equipping children to learn, believe, accept and share God’s Word throughout their lifetime.

The vision we have for this ministry is to teach for life change. For each child to step across that line of faith and begin a personal relationship with Jesus and then taking the spiritual steps, developing spiritual disciplines that will help them grow in their faith.
The Core Values of Children's Ministry @ Bridge
-- to provide a solid biblical foundation for our children with curriculum studies of God’s Word and Biblical stories and how each story relates to God’s plan of redemption. We commit to challenging our children to “make disciples” by praying for unsaved friends and giving them a global perspective on missions.
--to train teachers to better instruct their students in a biblically accurate way to inspire children to live for Christ and to prayerfully invest in each child’s life.
--to establish in children habits of what a daily, godly lifestyle looks like; teachers should teach by their individual modeling, their personal example, and their heartfelt attitudes.
--to create a Christian Community of children and adults who enjoy life together; helping them build proper relationships with authorities in their life and with other friends.
--to make each child’s experience at church safe, fun and profitable in the process of growing to become everything God has planned.
--to teach children the Biblical Truths in other fun and creative programming, adapting to multiple learning styles.
--to tell the children that JESUS LOVES THEM and wants them to be like Him.
(Luke 2:52)
--to equip each family to be intimately involved in their child’s spiritual growth.